Mixed Messages
Its all over the papers about Prozac for kids. Prozac and Ritalin and other mood-altering drugs. Four million kids are on the stuff even as young as two years of age. Toddlers who were born in 1998 are already using. In Arianna Huffingtons syndicated column in the LA Times she cites the case of parents of a second grader who took their son off the drugs and were reported to the Child Protective Services charged with medical neglect. Seems that keeping your kid drug-free is against the law in some cases. Turning the page I am struck with the word POT in huge letters in the center of a big advertisement. Naturally I
look more closely. The ad, paid for by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence says that to a sixth grader, the word POT means one of those things that a plant grows in (and they show a picture of a flower pot). But, they go on, to a seventh grader the word POT means marijuana (and they show a picture of a baggie with some decent looking weed in it, and a pack of cigarette papers. Their message: Be sure your kids know you dont want them to use drugs. Just say whatever.

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